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The path back to you



Imagine your life differently. With new perspective, possibility opens up and great change is created.  


Through modalities including mediumship readings, spiritual counselling and emotional healing I work with you to inspire action and make strong permanent change. 


The work is powerful. It will give you the direction you need to get back on track, walking the path that was meant for you.

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the work

My practice is deep, direct and fast and introduces you to a new way of seeing yourself and your place in the world. When you work with me we get to the heart of the issue and make a plan on how to move forward with confidence and clarity. 


A mediumship reading gives you specific answers to problems and questions in all aspects of life direct from spirit.  In a one hour session you can receive deeper understanding about who you really are and resolution on issues such as relationships and family, career, and life in general. It’s a joyful and powerful experience and all questions are welcome.


In a spiritual counselling session I trace behavioural patterns and identify their origin to help you understand your actions and reactions to issues in your life. I offer a different belief system that will give you a greater sense of self and help you deal with life’s issues.


If you’re ready to do things differently and get results book an appointment or a free 15 minute consultation call.

rumour has it


"I ended my session with Karla with a sense of clarity and purpose"


"My session with Karla guided me through a difficult transition in my life. She's now built into my schedule as a regular life check in."


"If you're looking for supporting insight and down to earth direction see Karla. She has a unique gift."


"If you're looking for a different perspective, an opportunity to change the broken record, then go and see Karla."

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A 6 part series with Karla's teacher and mentor, Medium Ian Rogers.

A discussion about spirituality and creativity.

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